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Location: Hungerford, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Ex-Solicitor who suffered a stroke in 2001. Am divorced and have two kids - Sarah who is 27 and Christopher, 25. Norman is my partner now and we like to get around as much as possible.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

April 2006

We arrived back from Egypt at Gatwick at 1.30 on the morning of the 2nd and got back with a couple of hours snatched sleep before we were off to Anth’s for lunch. Back to anonymity for a week to recover from Egypt then back into the social whirl – on Saturday 8th we hosted an Umbrian evening for Cancer Research UK where we raised around £700 and met up with some old friends and made some new ones.
On Good Friday we went to Witney to see Pat and Mary and then on to Clacton for Easter with Norman’s family. Sarah, meanwhile, was spending a week in Japan and has sent us some interesting photos. Email is so handy.
Jan and Ron came up together with Sandy and John for the Ale Tasting on Monday night and Hocktide lunch on Tuesday and in all we had a wonderful couple of days. Teach these Essex folk a bit of real old tradition. (Clacton-on-Sea only dates back to the late 1800s).
We had some good news from Chris – he has passed his second year’s exams for his Chartered Accountants qualification and now only has one year to go (he got his name in the Times, albeit along with a couple of thousand others.
The (short) month ended with Ken and Liz coming west from Pinner for lunch on Saturday the 29th and we discussed Egyptian things as they had just got back from an Egyptian Sea Cruise – the Gulf of Akaba, Suez Canal and Alexandria.