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Monday, July 17, 2006

June tunes

Henry and Carolyn Moore held a lunch party at their farm in Elcot (ostensibly to celebrate their joint 60th birthdays) and we met a lot of old friends and ate and drank very well. This bodes to be the start of a series of 60ths as we are now of a “certain age”, so watch out for the next couple of years.
The next day we met Frances Maude, who had come to give the local Conservative Party a bit of a boost. He gave a rousing, positive speech and convinced us all that David Cameron is the right guy for us. Our local MP, Richard Benyon is a local boy, young, enthusiastic and dedicated. Just what we need in this neck of the woods.
Norman’s Rotary Club held a Black Tie, Murder Mystery evening at the Bear Hotel, which ahs been totally refurbished and a very pleasant place to eat, be it in the restaurant or hotel bar. ( A lot of fun was had with pregnant nuns and sex mad monks and in the end, it didn’t matter, who killed who.
Rotary also held a jazz evening at the local British Legion club which was well attended and introduced some bright new local talent – especially in the torch singing department.
Halfway through the month we went to London to have lunch with Christopher, who has just moved house and to see Show Boat at the Royal Albert Hall. All in all a very good day.
I decided to get out of the U.K. for my birthday this year and so decamped to Jan and Ron’s apartment in Moraira again. Spain was very hot (I suppose normal for this time of the year) but we ate well and drank well and did the Times crossword on the cool balcony of the flat.
Sylvia and ken were going to come out to stay with friends Mick and Edna, who have a villa at Denia, just down the road but at the last moment, Ken went down with a painful ear infection which meant he couldn’t fly. Luckily we met an English couple, Mike and Ingrid, who have a picture framing shop just underneath the flat and they made up the sixsome at the restaurant for the evening. Mick and Edna have a picture framing business in Hungerford and environs, so relationships were quickly established.
Sarah has changed jobs but will still be staying in Singapore. She has come home for a couple of weeks holiday before starting her new job but I doubt that I will see much of her as she will be gallivanting around England to see old friends.
Christopher has some more exams next month and is studying hard for them.


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