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Monday, July 17, 2006

Gathering Nuts

May started with a trip to Witney to see Pat and Mary and then on Tuesday it was Macmillan evening. Being on the Newbury committee is very therapeutic for me as I can still put in. Also the greetings cards that I make and sell are a very small mote but as well as the small financial effort I can raise for the Charity, I get a lot of help with my speech and language from Shirley who comes round Tuesdays and Thursdays and works with me.
During term time I go to a course at the Ormonde centre every Wednesday for 4 hours. The Ormonde Centre is tagged on to Newbury College and provides education and support for disabled people. The course that I attend is Creative Writing and I work along with other less-abled people in creating stories and discussing current topics which all helps in our rehab.
At the end of last year, the Government decided to cancel the funding for the course and transferred it to 16-18 year-olds, teaching them how to read and write. After having written letters to several organisations, we have been given enough money to keep the course open for the next academic year which is a great relief to not only me but the other people on the course, for some of whom it is their only opportunity to get out during the week and would otherwise be housebound.
May is the time of the Newbury Spring Festival and we went to several concerts, including Jacques Loussier, The Soweto Gospel Choir, The Piccadilly Dance Orchestra, The Swingle Singers and the Philharmonia Orchestra with soprano, Susan Bullock. All of which were super evenings.
This month also we went to visit an old friend, Dora Saint, who is now in her nineties. Dora used to write books under the name, Miss Read and has written over 40 books translated into numerous languages. Her husband Douggie, who was a schoolmaster in Newbury until his retirement, died last year but Dora, who is now registered blind still has a great zest for life and is very good company.
Going back to Macmillan, we had a Wine-tasting Call My Bluff fund raiser, held at Cheam School which was financially very successful. Erica the committee chairman is a human dynamo and we are all inspired by her enthusiasm.


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