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Ex-Solicitor who suffered a stroke in 2001. Am divorced and have two kids - Sarah who is 27 and Christopher, 25. Norman is my partner now and we like to get around as much as possible.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

September Song

This month Norman and I joined Weight Watchers with Sylvia (WATCH THIS SPACE) and spent a long weekend at Clacton-on-Sea seeing Norman's family..
We went to Burnham on Sea for the day to have lunch with Brian Whitehead and the weather was great. Brian has just bought himself a Mercedes Benz CLK and I am very jealous. (If only I had still been working!!) We went to a country pub in it for lunch and Norman had to sit in the back (where he belongs).
We have been watching the Cricket Tests and England crushed the Aussies. Hooray!
We had two of Norman's friends from Germany coming for the weekend, who couldn’t get to last month’s hog roast and took them to the 3 Tuns at Great Bedwyn (always a very good evening with Alan and Jan). The Bistro Roque has closed and is being sold. That should make a dent in a few people’s social calendar.
Two weeks ago Norman was mowing the lawn so I decided to bake a couple of potatos for dinner and took them out of the oven with my right hand. Not a good move. Apart from suffering from a severe neural pain all evening, large blisters developed on my fingertips and thumb and I had to go to the doctor's to have them seen to. Thank goodness I have no feeling on my right side otherwise it could be Hell. Not a prettty sight however.
Sarah is still in Singapore but will be home just before Christmas on her way to Florida for a friend's wedding. On the way back she will stay here for three or four days. I spoke to her on the phone yesterday and she says that she will most likely stay for another 6 months but will then come back to the U.K. and maybe look to do a PhD.
Christopher is now living in Stockwell and is currently studying for his next batch of exams and we will go up to London and see him on Sunday. He is still rowing weekends.
Last Saturday we hosted an Asian evening for Cancer Research UK. We just provided the venue and three ladies came and cooked. Tickets were sold at £25.00 each and we got 43 people (should have been 45 but the Crockers - God bless 'em - failed to turn up - no doubt one of Martyn's lost memories. Now if it had been golf? ) having plates on their laps. Nothing was broken and we raised just under £1,000.


August 8th was Norman’s 60th although he doesn’t look a day over 80. Stacy, Norman's friend from New York, flew here for the hog roast which we held on Sunday 7th. . We didn't know that you can now fly New York to Bristol direct and it only costs $288 US return. There were around 60 people turned up for the afternoon and the win and beer flowed
Christopher has moved to a flat in Stockwell, not far from the bombers. I was quite concerned about him until he texted (new verb in the English language) He has also just finished two exams.
Sarah is still in Singapore and must be very busy following the London attacks. Unfortunately she cannot tell us any detail about her work.
Wednesday morning I went to physiotherapy at Penny Lilley's new clinic at Newbury to sort out my out-turning right foot and in the evening we spoke to Stacy from New York and she sends her best. Yesterday we went to Andover for some Cranio Sacral therapy (recommended by Judith Tilbrook). This is based around the concept of the movement of spinal fluid in the spinal sac. Christopher Ball came round in the afternoon to help with my annual tax return. This morning we had a rep from Edward Jones, stock brokers, here to try and sell their services. I think we get a good service from Charles Stanley but it doesn't hurt to look at the competition. Then we had a very pleasant lunch with Bobbie Windsor (ex next-door) who is in good health.


We spent a weekend in France but went Portsmouth to Le Havre and stayed in Rouen (lovely) as Norman had a business meeting in Le Havre on the Monday morning.
We also spent a weekend fund raising We were at the Membury service station on the M4 on Saturday afternoon raising money for Rotary and then the Sunday at Newbury Racecourse, manning a Macmillan stand during a race meeting where we sold £200 worth of our home-made cards.
We also went to St Nick's church in Newbury to hear Evelyn Glennie play marimba and snare drum (not at the same time!) and on Thursday went to Andover for a new type of therapy to see if will help. Have you heard of Cranio-sacral therapy?