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Location: Hungerford, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Ex-Solicitor who suffered a stroke in 2001. Am divorced and have two kids - Sarah who is 27 and Christopher, 25. Norman is my partner now and we like to get around as much as possible.

Friday, April 29, 2005

First serious note

Well, we saw Christopher at Covent garden after having spent a wonderful afternoon at the original Tate. The Turner, Whistler, Monet exhibition was super and viewing from a wheelchair (Norman pushing of course) puts you in front of everyone else without spoiling their view. I don't use a wheelchair much but it comes in handy at times. It is amazing the different responses a wheelchair gets from the general public - from total helpfulness to downright ignorance - and all things in between. For Norman, it means he gets in free (I would rather pay and see you walking well - Norman) and a wheelchair does wonders at airports and on aeroplanes.
On Friday we went to The Poveys for a super dinner. 18 of us sat down to a splendid dinner and I saw lots of old friends. Their house is really wonderful and set in idyllic grounds.
Saturday we met Susie Sheehan in Marlborough and we lunched. Marlborough is a very civilised town and I enjoy going there.
Sunday saw us drive to Liphook to see Greg and Raph, Norman's nephew and partner. Raph delivered a baby girl, Margaux, back in January and it was the first time I have seen her. Not a lot of hair but a beautiful baby. To celebrate, we opened a bottle of Chateau la Tour de Mons Margaux 1988. Absolutely wonderful. Norman has another 11 bottles, but at the going price today I don't feel that I can appreciate it more than, say a £10 bottle.

The 25th saw us in Newbury at a meeting of the Speakability group (see This is an interesting group where we just communicate. No therapy, just a getting together of people with similar disabilities. Some of the attempts to find the right word or phrase can be very amusing.

On Tuesday the old 8 partners from Charles Lucas and Marshall (there are only 3 working partners left now) got together for dinner and we presented Stuart with a flash set of binoculars for his twitching.

Thursday we went to the Red House at Hamstead Marshall for dinner with Alan and Christine Holland and John Cox and Katherine. Good food and good company.

I am fed up with the way that the campaigning is going for the General Election and will be happy when it is over. Unfortunately the countryside comes second and we are too law-abiding. Lets see who gets in.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Hello everyone (well those who followed up the email).
I thought that this would be a better way of communicating with the world as you can either read this every day in the hope that I have done something else or can ignore ot until you want a big read at Christmas or never look at it again.
This week has started well - Norman went to London to do some training and stayed over Monday night, leaving me on my own - but I quite enjoy the occasional night by myself.
Tomorrow we are going to the Turner, Whistler, Monet exhibition at the Tate in London and will see Christopher for dinner afterwards.